Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

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Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

Keeping one's self, personal property and belongings safe is a top priority. For this reason, it's very important to have dependable locks, keys and safes. Locks should be sturdy and secure, safes must be durable and impenetrable. Hi, my name is Matthew and my interest in locks and safes started when I began hearing news reports about an increase of burglaries in my city. Before beginning to secure my home and possessions, I spoke with an experienced locksmith who lives nearby. I also searched online to learn everything I could about the various types of security devices, safes, locks and keys. After securing my home and valuables, I now feel very safe. I am writing this blog to share my information with others so they can be safe in their homes too.

Dealing With An Office Break-In

An office break-in can be very uncomfortable for everyone as you try to figure out what happened. Here are some steps to take to deal with a break-in while keeping productivity high.

Round Up Keys

The first thing to do is to prevent a second security breach from happening. Round up everyone's key copies and have your locks rekeyed with a new lock. This will buy you some time as you try to figure out what happened during the office break-in.

Look for Evidence of What Happened

Next, look for any evidence that you have that points to how the break in occurred. If you have security footage, that's a great place to start. Although you might not be able to identify the burglar by sight, you can see how they got into the office and what they looked at while they were intruding.

If you don't have security footage, do you have an electronic locking system? If the person had a key code, then your electronic lock device will have a record of which key codes were used at what time. This way, you can at least start to trace the incident back to which employee was involved in the security breach; even if it was an accident, you'll probably want to talk with that employee about good security practices.

If you don't have electronic locks either, it will be time to look for physical evidence. Check doors and windows for signs of forced entry. Take note of anything that's missing or out of place.

Talk to Employees

It's a good idea to talk about what happened with your employees once you have a better sense of the damage and what happened. Your employees can help you brainstorm ways to make the office safer, and you can review security protocols with everyone.

Consider a Better Locking System

You might want to talk to your commercial locksmith, such as National Lock & Safe Co, about installing a better security system after you are the victim of a break-in. If you are using knob locks, they could suggest that you install deadbolts and flip guards to make your mechanical locks stronger. It may not be in the budget to get electronic locks right this second, but it's something to consider for added protection. The locks can be easily reprogrammed with different access codes for a security clean sweep whenever you need it. And you'll be able to keep better track of who comes and goes from the office.