Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

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Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

Keeping one's self, personal property and belongings safe is a top priority. For this reason, it's very important to have dependable locks, keys and safes. Locks should be sturdy and secure, safes must be durable and impenetrable. Hi, my name is Matthew and my interest in locks and safes started when I began hearing news reports about an increase of burglaries in my city. Before beginning to secure my home and possessions, I spoke with an experienced locksmith who lives nearby. I also searched online to learn everything I could about the various types of security devices, safes, locks and keys. After securing my home and valuables, I now feel very safe. I am writing this blog to share my information with others so they can be safe in their homes too.

3 Features to Look for in a Good Safe for Your Small Retail Business

In a small retail store, there is bound to be a daily flow of cash that needs to be kept safe until the close of business and until deposits are made with your banking institution, and that is why most small-retail businesses invest in some type of on-site safe. You could always opt for something small and simple that you can pick up just about anywhere, but cash security is really of high importance. Therefore, choosing a safe for your business should be a decision you do not take lightly. Here is a quick look at a few of the noteworthy features you should be looking for in a safe for your small retail business. 

Programmable Electronic Lock—Having a lock that you do not have to manually lock in place is super important in a busy business atmosphere. A programmable electronic lock on your safe will mean you can shut the door, and the safe will automatically lock itself. Plus, there are no keys involved with accessing the case. Instead, these safes typically require a numeric access pin, which can be quickly input when you need to open the safe, changed on a regular basis, and used to allow more than one employee to have access without your having to worry about passing out keys. 

Pre-Drilled Anchor Holes—The safe that you place inside of your small retail business should never be one that a thief could walk in and take with them. Therefore, it is crucial that you pick a safe that can easily be anchored to the ground with sturdy bolts. Because high-end safes are made from materials that are practically impenetrable, the holes in the base of the safe should be pre-drilled when you purchase your unit. Otherwise, you will have a very difficult time trying to get holes drilled into the floor of the safe. 

Front-Loading Depository—It would not be ideal to have to make a trip to your safe every time a cash register drawer is full, open up the safe, and place the money inside. Safes designed for use in retail settings most often have front-loading depositories, which are basically an opening hatch where you can place envelopes of cash, close the depository, and have the cash fall into the safe, where it is kept completely secure. The depository does not give access to the inside of the safe; it only folds into the safe in order to deposit the contents.