Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

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Guidelines For Securing Your Home and Possessions

Keeping one's self, personal property and belongings safe is a top priority. For this reason, it's very important to have dependable locks, keys and safes. Locks should be sturdy and secure, safes must be durable and impenetrable. Hi, my name is Matthew and my interest in locks and safes started when I began hearing news reports about an increase of burglaries in my city. Before beginning to secure my home and possessions, I spoke with an experienced locksmith who lives nearby. I also searched online to learn everything I could about the various types of security devices, safes, locks and keys. After securing my home and valuables, I now feel very safe. I am writing this blog to share my information with others so they can be safe in their homes too.

Avoid Seasonal Break-Ins: 4 Ways to Keep Your Keys Out of the Wrong Hands

The holidays are just around the corner. That means burglars are going to be looking for easy targets. Unfortunately, you may be making yourself a target without realizing it, especially if you're not safeguarding the keys to your home. According to statistics, residential burglaries make up about 73.9% of all burglaries in the US. If burglars can avoid forcible entry, they will. That's where safeguarding your keys becomes essential. Here are four steps you can take to prevent burglars from using your own keys to gain access to your home.

Keep Your Keys with You

If you're in the habit of keeping your keys in your purse or briefcase, you might be granting easy access to would-be thieves. Once a thief steals your purse or briefcase, they have access to your keys and your address. Protect your home and your family by keeping your keys out of your purse or briefcase. Instead, carry your keys in your pocket or on a lanyard that you can wear around your neck. It's also a good idea to avoid keeping a spare house key in your glove compartment. If a car thief steals your car, they'll have your address and your house key.

Don't Leave Keys on the Counter

During the holidays, it's not unusual to have a variety of people coming in and out of your home, including delivery people and so forth. It's impossible to vouch for the integrity and trustworthiness of every person that comes through your home, and this means you need to protect your keys. Avoid leaving them out on tables or countertops, where they could become an easy target for someone staking out homes to rob.

Limit the Spares

It can be frustrating to get locked out of your home. To prevent that, you may decide to leave spares with friends and family members. If you do that, it's important that you limit the number of spare keys that you hand out. The more house keys you have floating around, the more chances there are that one of them will fall into the wrong hands. To prevent theft, limit your spares to just one or two trusted friends or family members.

Go Keyless Entry

The best way to avoid having your keys fall into the wrong hands is to avoid keys altogether. Talk to your locksmith about having keyless entry systems installed in your home. With keyless entry systems, you can utilize alphanumeric codes, or biometric codes such as fingerprints to gain access to your home.

The holidays are here. Make sure your home is protected against burglary by protecting your keys. Use the tips provided here to keep your keys safe and prevent break-ins. Talk to a locksmith such as Migoley Stephen K about other ways to protect your home.